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To combine a Safe, production friendly environment while keeping all lines of communication open.
To entertain multiple options within a desired budget, and time restriction, while giving the director more than He/She could have ever asked for.

Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes

Marine/Stunt Coordinator

Chris Barnes is a Stunt and Marine Coordinator with over 25 years’ experience in the entertainment industry.

Chris’s diverse experience has given him the opportunity to be involved with Motion pictures, Television, Live Action Shows, music videos and still photography. Although Chris is based out of the New York area, his expansive career has taken him to Thailand, Central America, the Caribbean and across the United States, from the east coast to Northern Alaska to Hawaii.

His career started in the Entertainment industry operating insert Camera vehicles for action sequences, Chasing News and Storms while Operating Satellite Trucks, Multiple Bungee Cranes in resort areas, and even doing background work. He believes all of which has given him a broad spectrum of many of the working components involved in what it takes to create Good action.

Chris has always believed that strong communication with all persons and departments on a production from inception through completion enable him to achieve desired results. The desired result being, getting the most amount of action from performers /talent, while ensuring that performers, talent and crew are safe. While getting an exciting performance is the goal, it is possible to create these great action sequences in a timely fashion and on budget.

Having been hired to coordinate starter projects such as Nitro circus Live Stadium Event meets Practical Jokers, being directly involved in the development stages of The Amazing race final leg, through execution, and heading the Stunts and Safety for the Industrys Largest single fashion shoot around the World entitled “ The most beautiful women in the Most dangerous Locations “ have given him a insight and experience that can only be earned.

With 25 years in the Entertainment Business combined with another 25 years of Life experience owning businesses, various careers, trades, and Hobbies, along with a passion for being creative and innovative.

Having been fortunate enough to have been honored with multiple SAG awards and nominations, working on the cover of Vouge , The New York Times magazine, along with many other Top Directors, Photographers, Commercial production Co’s while not excluding some of the more famous music videos.

All while staying grounded, Could make Chris one of your biggest assets when choosing the right action/Safety Coord for your next project.